Let’s Keep St. Louis Green In 2017!

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Public Safety

Green will work to provide our first responders with essential equipment to keep us safe. She supports body cameras for our police and programs to reduce violent crime. Read More…

Neighborhood Stability

Green believes in safe, stable neighborhoods, where residents have a strong voice and a responsive city government. Read More…

Economic Empowerment

Green will help provide new pathways to success and programs to empower people. She will work to attract development that creates real jobs and makes fiscal sense. Read More…


Green will continue to work to improve and upgrade basic infrastructure and transportation needs. Read More…


Tax Dollars

Green will continue to keep our tax dollars safe and protect the city’s bond rating as the city’s fiscal watchdog. Read More…

Darlene Green has the professional financial experience the job of Comptroller demands. Her experience, first as the City’s Budget Director, and as Comptroller , make her the clear choice to safeguard our tax dollars. She also has an impressive record of making the right financial decisions and putting the interests of the taxpayers and residents of St. Louis first.

Darlene Green has safeguarded the city’s credit rating: S&P gave bonds an A+ credit rating (CLICK FOR LINK)

Green saved taxpayer $10 MILLION refinancing bonds in 2016 (CLICK FOR LINK)

Green saved taxpayer $100 MILLION since taking office and rooted out waste citywide

Green set up a Fraud Hotline (CLICK FOR LINK)

Green manages a BILLION dollar annual budget with multiple years of budget surpluses (CLICK FOR LINK)

Green reduced Northside CID from 40 years to 16 years to protect taxpayers (CLICK FOR LINK)

Green negotiated a better deal on Forest Park lease increasing city revenue by $400,000 annually (CLICK FOR LINK)

Green reduced the costs of operating her own office by over $1 MILLION

Green audited and uncovered over billing by utility company that returned millions to city coffers

Green raised concerns about use of public money for Scottrade Center improvements (CLICK FOR LINK)

Economic Empowerment

The economic stability Darlene Green has provided as Comptroller and pro-innovation policies have helped make St. Louis an attractive place for new business start-ups. Green will continue to help businesses flourish and create jobs. She also supports helping young people get the education they need for tomorrow’s jobs and their own success. Green also supports increasing the minimum wage.

Green fought to save NGA jobs and bring in new $1.7 Billion Federal development (CLICK FOR LINK)

Green created hundreds of summer youth jobs

Green supported school bond issue and the re-accreditation of St. Louis Public Schools

Public Safety

Darlene Green will continue to make public safety a major priority. She will continue to look for funding mechanisms to provide the police and firefighters of St. Louis with the funding they need to keep us safe.

Green fought For Crime Reduction Programs and supported police body cams (CLICK FOR LINK)

Green proposed and voters passed a $25 million no tax increase bond issue for critical fire equipment (CLICK FOR LINK) (CLICK FOR LINK)

Neighborhood Stability

Darlene Green believes the many diverse neighborhoods of St. Louis and their residents are the lifeblood and heartbeat of our city. She will continue to work to make our neighborhoods safe, improve housing quality, support preservation, beautification, and access to parks and recreation.

Green fought to save city earnings tax to protect essential city services (CLICK FOR LINK)

Green launched a Green HELP program of low interest loans for city homeowners for energy-efficient improvements (CLICK FOR LINK)


Saving the city money by refinancing bonds and other methods, Comptroller Darlene Green has freed up more money for infrastructure maintenance and improvements. Saving the earnings tax, which comprises approximately a third of the city’s annual budget, stopped a budget crisis where all remaining monies would have gone to public safety and there would have been no funding for critical infrastructure maintenance. Green is committed to finding even more ways to pay for our essential infrastructure needs.

Green fought to save city earnings tax to protect essential city services (CLICK FOR LINK)

Safeguarding Tax Dollars